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We are excited to announce that Rovio is opening an entity in Barcelona! Rovio is growing, and games such as Dream Blast and Angry Birds Friends are looking to recruit more people to work their magic on making and growing the games in Barcelona, working in tandem and as equal with the team at the HQ in Finland.

Article Company announcement default 27.10.2022

Why Barcelona, you ask? Barcelona is a bustling hub of mobile gaming talent in a time zone reasonably close to Finland’s. We don’t have an address quite yet, but there will be a physical office established very soon.

“This is an exciting step in our growth ambitions!” says Rovio’s Head of Studios Andy Muesse. “Having a presence in southern Europe substantially expands our hiring potential and makes it easier to tap into a new pool of talent. I am looking forward to having new colleagues joining in Spain!”.

The entity in Barcelona will be reporting to Matthieu Burleraux, Senior Director Live Ops. “Rovio Barcelona will have a strong focus on level design and live operations. Levels are critical to an excellent player experience in our games, and we’re excited to build a strong in-house design capacity as our level designers are in charge of everything from the moment you enter a level to your win screen, from design mechanics to the level itself. Combined with us doubling down on Live Ops, we believe we will be able to provide everlasting games that feel alive and growing to our players.”, says Matthieu Burleraux.

There are already a bunch of open positions available, such as Lead Level Designer, Game Artist and Economy designer. Even more open positions in Barcelona will be posted in the coming weeks and if you are already in Spain and would like to explore opportunities at Rovio, but cannot find a role that suits you, feel free to get in touch with us and we will be happy to connect and explore if we can offer you something exciting in the future. Find them all here on our Careers page.

Open positions in Barcelona