Unlock melody in a new event in Angry Birds 2 and unleash her musical mayhem on the piggies!

Article Games News default 23.11.2022

A new bird comes to Angry Birds 2 today! Players can unlock Melody by collecting feathers in a new limited-time event now until December 4.

This new songbird grew up in a house full of music, showing a talent for singing from a young age. As such, Melody loves music in all of its forms. You can find her dancing to the latest hits, or chirping along to classical tunes. Despite being an Angry Bird, she’s actually quite easygoing, but when she gets fired up, she’ll express herself through music with her powerful voice – to devastating effect!



Angry Birds 2 hit a high note earlier this year with the addition of the Pick Your Flock feature. After this update, players are no longer limited in which birds they can bring into levels. They can now choose any combination of birds to launch at their piggy opponents from the seven core flock characters as well as special “extra birds”. This provided players with the opportunity to use the strengths of every bird to build the ultimate strategy. With this newfound freedom, players might have been wondering when some new birds might be joining the flock, and what special abilities they could bring to the table.

Using her powerful pipes, Melody’s special ability allows her to inhale any object and propel it at her enemies at ballistic speed. Once inhaled, players can aim and fire the projectiles in any direction they choose, making Melody a crucial part of a well-orchestrated strategy. In other words, if the piggies think they can nab the eggs and get away with it, Melody will have them singing a different tune in no time.

Play Angry Birds 2 now to join the event, collect feathers, unlock Melody, and also take part in The Melody Adventure – available now until December 4!

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