Sequel to the biggest mobile game of all time celebrates 3rd birthday on 30th July 2018

Article Games News default 30.07.2018

Rovio’s chart-topping Angry Birds 2 is growing up fast! It’s been three years since our game hatched into the lives of players, and its popularity shows no signs of slowing down! And oh boy, have our fans been busy or what?! Since launching in 2015, Angry Birds 2 gamers have slingshotted over 400 billion birds, played 140 billion levels, popped a staggering 420 billion green piggies and collected a stellar 20 billion stars. Big thanks to all for making Angry Birds 2 such a runaway success with such a vibrant community behind it! Check out our juicy stats video here.

When Angry Birds 2 launched in 2015 the mobile gaming world was a different place compared to the original Angry Birds game from 2009. Angry Birds 2 introduced fans to a whole legion of new features which perfected the classic Angry Birds formula. Highlights include the PvP Arena where players are pitted against each other to win gem rewards, plus a chance to compete in leagues and daily challenges. Clan Battles are particularly popular with seasoned Angry Birds 2 players, where competitive clans can slug it out to win fabulous rewards. The game also welcomed players to the Mighty Eagle’s Bootcamp – the ultimate Angry Birds challenge where players compete on a mammoth global leaderboard. And finally, Angry Birds 2 introduced the adorable Hatchlings, where players can hatch and nurture those uber cute baby birds to increase their slingshotting firepower.

An important pillar of Angry Birds 2 is making players feel more connected with their beloved flocks. We empowered players with more ways to plan and strategize, encouraging different combinations of birds to overcome challenging new levels. With the 3rd birthday upon us, legions of Angry Birds 2 fans on Facebook were invited to submit original designs for new bird hats. 7 winners have been selected and they’ll see their hats within Angry Birds 2 from the 3rd of August 2018. Hats off to all the entrants and winners!

Make sure you check out Angry Birds 2 to see the winners hat designs, and to discover what other surprises we’ve got lined up for the 3rd birthday of Angry Birds 2.