The team-building, magic-wielding, strategic real-time fantasy RPG is available in soft launch now in select territories.

Article Games News default 19.02.2021

Prepare to embark on an epic fantasy adventure! We’re thrilled to announce that Darkfire Heroes will release globally on the App Store and Google Play this April.

Darkfire Heroes is a mid-core action-packed RPG where strategy and skill are king. Assemble a squad of heroes and lead them into real-time battles against evil minions, brutal boss monsters, and otherworldly beasts! Players looking for an adventure can jump into the immersive single player campaign, loaded with hundreds of levels across breathtaking locations. Those looking for some competition can brawl in the real-time PVP arena against friends and opponents from all over the world. There are endless tactics available with a vast roster of heroes from six different factions, plus tons of magic spells, unique hero skills and powerful gear to collect and equip.

Darkfire Heroes will be the first release from Rovio’s Copenhagen studio, which focuses on developing accessible mid-core RPGs with a Nordic twist. The game has constantly evolved throughout its soft launch, and will continue to introduce content like new heroes, limited-time events, and more.

Put your skills to the test while Darkfire Heroes is in soft launch* on the App Store or Google Play, and stay tuned for more details on the full release!

Visit the Darkfire Heroes game page to learn more and pre-register to get notified as soon as the game is available.

*Darkfire Heroes is currently available in Canada, United States, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom, Israel, Philippines, and Thailand.