The votes are in. Who have Angry Birds players envisioned to win Super Bowl LII?

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Last week, Angry Birds Evolution and Angry Birds 2 kicked off their Super Bowl LII events in which players had a crack at earning NFL-themed gear across both titles. The players could choose their favorite team’s logo to be emblazoned on their new gear in Angry Birds 2 or play with the new Quarterback Bird in Angry Birds Evolution.

One week and millions of votes later, the preliminary results are in. So who did the players see to become the Super Bowl LII winner? By the slimmest of margins (we’re talking less than 1%), the New England Patriots just barely have the edge against the Philadelphia Eagles according to Angry Birds players.

No time for an end zone dance yet, Patriots. There’s still a few days left before The Big Game, and if this season has been any indication, there could be a huge upset in the cards. Want to turn the tide and cast a vote for your own favorite NFL team? The Super Bowl LII events in Angry Birds 2 and Angry Birds Evolution are running right up until game day on February 4th.

Play Angry Birds 2 and outfit your flock in gear from your favorite NFL team.