Following our announcement we would bring back the original Angry Birds game to App Stores, we have a sneak peek of the latest developments.

Article Games News default 26.01.2022

In case you haven’t yet been following our dev diary on our rebuild of the original, classic premium Angry Birds game, you can catch up with our previous posts here and here.

In this update, we have a couple of screenshots of the latest development to share with you! Let’s dive right in!

Here’s a screenshot of the original game, from Level 7 of Episode 2: Mighty Hoax Level.

And this is a screenshot straight from our Unity rebuild of the same level:

They look pretty similar, right? That’s exactly the point! We’re really working hard to replicate not only the look, but also the feel of the original premium game launched in 2009, but with all the content released up to 2012.

Level 2-21 in Episode 1: Poached Eggs from the original version of the game in 2012:

And this is the same level from the Unity build we are working on now:

We are paying a lot of attention to detail while rebuilding this game to be as close as it was for modern mobile devices and keep it as authentic to the original game as it was in 2012 – including all the content from that year.

As we previously stated, there will be all the 8 episodes that were available in early 2012 and then some. That’s 391 levels of nostalgic Angry Birds tower-toppling action! We’re still aiming to release the game to app stores in the first quarter of this year, but watch this space for more updates from us as the rebuilding work continues.

–Sami & Steve