The first of its kind, Angry Birds World offers exciting attractions to thrill seekers of all ages.

Article Licensing News default 25.04.2019

With the completion of its outdoor section, featuring a 42-meter-high Super Slingshot ready to catapult guests into the air, the first ever Angry Birds World entertainment park celebrates its grand opening in Doha Festival City, Qatar! Developed with Trimoo Parks, Angry Birds World promises to provide the Angry Birds brand of adventure to thrill seekers of all ages.

The 17,000 square meter park holds over 20 unique rides and attractions. When they’re not slinging themselves into the air with the Super Slingshot, guests can visit Red’s house from The Angry Birds Movies, make a splash in the Raft Battle, or take on a ropes course suspended at a dizzying height. The fun continues on the inside portion of the park where more attractions await, including exhilarating rides such as Blast Bomb – a thrilling free-fall drop from a height of 11 meters, and Red Alert – a 360-degree spinning thrill ride. Angry Birds World also boasts the world’s first indoor/outdoor karting track where guests can challenge each other to a friendly race. For the young hatchlings of the flock, there is The Big Tree, a multi-level creative playground, offers a variety of edutainment workshops, in addition to other exciting challenges such as ropes course and zip line.

Find more information about the park, including a complete list of attractions, from the official website.