The short form series that goes “behind the scenes” of the Angry Birds games is back with 30 new episodes, premiering October 15.

Article Licensing News default 03.10.2023

One of the Angry Birds’ most beloved short format series returns with 30 new episodes! Angry Birds audiences can’t get enough of the classic round birds and pigs in this animated series that gives viewers a peek of life behind the scenes of the Angry Birds games. Previous seasons are available to stream via Netflix and on YouTube, with the episodes boasting over 120 million views on the Angry Birds YouTube channel alone.

We are delighted to introduce an all new season of 30 episodes for Angry Birds fans to dig into. This season, something terrible is about to happen – and the fate of the precious eggs hangs in the balance! Can the birds act fast enough to save the day? Only time will tell. In the meantime, there is no shortage of drama between the birds and pigs living in close quarters behind the tiny screens of our mobile devices. Audiences are guaranteed plenty of silly squabbles and awkward encounters delivered with the Angry Birds’ trademark humor.



Rovio’s Senior Content Producer, Anne Dahlgren, is very excited about this new season and comments: “The first 40 episodes of Angry Birds Slingshot Stories have been very successful, but there is always room for more short stories about the birds and pigs. Fans of the games are curious to see the stories that unfold behind the scenes of their favorite games. These 30 new episodes will reveal more about the birds’ and pigs’ lives, and provide plenty of laughs for audiences of all ages.

The first episode of Angry Birds Slingshot Stories Season 3 comes to the Angry Birds YouTube channel on October 15th, with a new video releasing every week.