The Angry Birds’ first slingshot game in seven years sees the famous flock returning to their slingshot roots.

Article Games News default 09.12.2021

Angry Birds Journey entered soft launch in select regions earlier this year. Now, we’re excited to announce that the ultra-accessible bird-flinging game is coming to app stores worldwide!

Angry Birds Journey is Rovio’s first new game in seven years that employs the classic Angry Birds slingshot gameplay that takes us back to the original Angry Birds games. Although Journey’s pedigree is in the past, this is a very different game than the original Angry Birds, or even the more recent slingshot game, Angry Birds 2. Angry Birds Journey is the most accessible slingshot game to date, offering streamlined gameplay – perfect for picking up and playing any time, and enhanced visuals that pop on small screens.

This time, the birds are embarking on a new adventure. At the center of it all are the mysterious artifacts known as the Egg Wonders. Within their egg-shaped exteriors lie powerful ancient birds that are the key to keeping the world in balance and safe for all bird-kind. The problem? The piggies are after the Egg Wonders too! It’s up to the players to solve slingshot-based puzzles, fling birds, blast blocks, and beat those pesky piggies to the punch in an adventure that will take the Angry Birds flock to the far reaches of a magical world.



Angry Birds Journey comes to app stores in late January 2022, and pre-registration opens today! Visit the game page here to sign up through Google Play, or leave your email to be notified as soon as the game is available worldwide on iOS. Players that check in to Angry Birds Journey in the first week will also receive a bundle of in-game goodies to get them started on the journey to find the Egg Wonders.