Join a special 10th anniversary tournament now until March 9th!

Article Games News default 03.03.2022

Friendship is a beautiful thing. Great friends can propel you to great heights, introduce you to new experiences, and sustain you through the lows. That’s why when you find people you share a bond with, you have to hold onto them – so that you can totally wreck their high scores.

That was the promise of Angry Birds Friends when the game launched in 2012. The social Angry Birds game, Angry Birds Friends served up all of the bird flinging action of the mobile games, with a competitive twist. First available only on Facebook, the game quickly made its way to mobile devices, where players have been flinging their way through two tournaments a week ever since. That’s over 1000 tournaments if you’re keeping track. Have a look at some highlights from the last decade in the video below.



Angry Birds Friends has hosted some amazing – and often unexpected – guests, including Green Day, Freddie Mercury, Iron Maiden’s iconic mascot Eddie, and more recently, beloved cartoon characters The Smurfs, and Popeye. Angry Birds Friends is a game that keeps you on your toes, and over the course of 10 years of tournaments, new levels, and exciting collaborations, you could never tell what was coming next. However, like any good friend, Angry Birds Friends has always been there.

Celebrate this huge milestone in a special 10 Years of Friends tournament, which is live now until March 9th!

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