Starting today, the competitive Angry Birds game teams up with Everton and takes to the football pitch for seven days of extra-fierce football-themed tournaments.

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Players checking into Angry Birds Friends from April 30 – May 6 will be met with 24 new levels (8 in each tournament) in which to show off their bird flinging skills and compete with their friends for a top spot on the leaderboard. Taking place at Everton’s Goodison Park, players can expect to see some familiar faces as well. Everton stars Jordan Pickford, Yerry Mina, and André Gomes join the tournament, lending their likenesses to the green piggies. See if you can spot each player in every tournament level.

This event also introduces a new level element, a buoyant and explosive balloon. Players can choose to cut the rope and send the balloon flying, or pop the balloon where it stands. Either way, once they pop, they will rain destructive footballs down onto the piggies, sending their towers toppling down.

The tournaments are underway starting today (April 30). Join the birds and three of Everton’s star players at Goodison Park for a week of extra fierce competition!

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