A new in-game event in Angry Birds Evolution introduces three Everton players as playable characters

Article Games News default 23.08.2018

Since announcing a sleeve sponsorship of Everton Football Club in September of 2017, the Angry Birds have been going blue in support of their favorite team with a line of merchandise and a video series featuring the club’s top stars. Now Angry Birds Evolution is gearing up for a new event featuring Everton stars, Gylfi Sigurdsson, Cenk Tosun, and Theo Walcott.

For the duration of the event, Angry Birds Evolution players will have a chance to hatch three extra-rare five-star birds modeled after each aforementioned player. Additionally, each player-inspired character will have three unique “evolutions” based on their personalities and play styles. Evolution one: the Everton players you know and love, with slightly more feathers. Evolution two: footballing birds from the future. Evolution three – find out on August 22!

The Everton in-game event is live in Angry Birds Evolution from August 22nd though the 27th.