In celebration of the bubble blasting puzzle game’s 10,000th level, the new Endless Dream mode presents players new and old with the best the game has to offer.

Article Games News default 17.08.2022

The Endless Dream mode comes to Angry Birds Dream Blast today! Launched in celebration of the game’s 10,000th level, the limited time event presents players with one endless level full of all of the dream-bubble-popping fun that has delighted millions of players for the last three years.

Upon its launch in 2019, Angry Birds Dream Blast introduced players to an all new puzzle game style for the Angry Birds flock with matchable items that move fluidly inside levels, rather than being locked to a grid. In addition to this new fluid tap-to-match style, Dream Blast also gave fans of the Angry Birds flock a sneak peek into the early lives of their beloved Angry Birds characters with its delightfully adorable character designs and animations. Three years and 10,000 levels later, the game is still going strong, with new features, events, and a whole lot of new levels being added all the time.

True to the game’s original focus on accessibility and providing an instantly fun game experience, the new Endless Dream event allows new players to jump in right from the beginning and experience all of the game’s best levels, characters, and game mechanics. Starting with a set amount of moves, players are tasked with making matches to travel deeper into a never-ending level, earning points and rewards along the way. There are no consequences for running out of moves so players can enjoy the ride without worrying about breaking win streaks.

Endless Dream is available now until August 25th. Download Angry Birds Dream Blast for free from the App Store and Google Play, and celebrate the game’s 10,000th level with us!