The cute baby birds are back for another season of adventures! This time around, the flock ventures far beyond their backyard and into the piggies’ natural habitat.

Article Licensing News default 02.12.2022

The first season of Angry Birds Bubble Trouble premiered in 2020, inspired by the adorable characters in Rovio Entertainment Corporation’s Angry Birds Dream Blast game. The short-form animated series transported viewers to a magical bubble garden where the birds were free to live out their whimsical childhood adventures, far from the bird vs. pig mayhem taking place elsewhere in the Angry Birds world.

Now the daydreaming birdies are back for a second season full of fun, games, and playful adventures. This time, the flock leaves the safety of their bubble garden, and finds themselves faced with life in the big city. Thrust into the center of a bustling metropolis, the birds must learn how to make new friends, earn an honest living, and try to stay out of trouble in a city so full of pigs – it’s called Pig City. Fans of the first season, will be happy to see their favorite characters returning, including Red, Bomb, Chuck, and Stella. Only this time, the birds will be joined by more piggy characters, even coming beak-to-snout with her royal highness, Queen Pig – a first for any Angry Birds series.



The second season of Angry Birds Bubble Trouble has been created in collaboration with Red Animation Studio, who have pulled out all of the stops to bring the Bubble Trouble world to life. “This season is even more visually appealing than season 1, and a big thanks for that goes to the Red Animation Studio.” says Rovio’s Head of Brand Licensing Hanna Valkeapää-Nokkala. “The series was created with a mix of 2D and 3D and the “daydreaming” sequences Red Animation created partly in 2D are really beautiful. Also one special thing about this series is that one of the episodes features actual products from Venum, our consumer product licensee. The episode will feature Angry Birds boxing gear for children from their latest collection. It’s great that we can tie this partnership into the series and encourage kids to get active and find a positive outlet for their emotions.”

With their new adventures taking the flock into Pig City, it was down to Red Animation Studio to give viewers a look at this new setting through the eyes of our birdy protagonists. Red Animation Studio CEO Milton Guerrero comments, “For Angry Birds Bubble Trouble season 2, we created a whole city! Streets, parks, forests, and a castle, as well as new characters with vibrant colors and textures with a “painted” finish. The animation style is snappy, 2-frame 3D, with key poses and breakdowns created by 2D animators integrated with 2D Animation and VFX.”

Explore Pig City when Angry Birds Bubble Trouble season 2 comes to the Angry Birds YouTube Channel on December 10. Further distribution will be handled by Rovio partner, CAKE Entertainment. Tag along with the flock in a new adventure in 28 one and a half minute episodes!