Andréane Meunier has been appointed Head of Studio for Rovio Montreal. In her role she will be reporting to Head of studios Andy Muesse.

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Following a bachelor’s in Computer Engineering, Andréane has been part of the video game and media industry for close to 20 years. Most of those were spent at Ubisoft Entertainment where she started as a programmer before moving to management. She was Live Producer on the Assassins’ Creed brand and online Studio Manager for Ubisoft Montreal where she supervised the development of online tools and community engagement solutions as well as managing operations related to shipping and operating online games. After Ubisoft, she did consulting work and was part of the development team at Google Stadia. She was also CTO and COO at Eidos Montreal where she handled the technological and operational strategy of the studio. She has extensive experience in managing change and accompanying teams though it.

We met with our new colleague Andréane, and of course wanted to find out what her favorite game is. This is what she said: “My favorite franchises are God of War and Resident Evil (I think I have Resident Evil 4 on 4 different platforms!) The game that left the biggest impression on me was The Longest Journey… an old school point-and-click adventure game!”

In her spare time she likes to help when she can, and is involved in many volunteering initiatives in video games and around children. Andréane likes to challenge herself and learn new things, and has taught herself different crafts like sewing, knitting and jewelry making. She also has a classical piano background and still plays it for fun.

And how does she feel about joining Rovio? And how does she feel about joining Rovio?  “I am really excited to join Rovio and get to work with the great talent there. I’m also looking forward to helping bring Angry Birds to new platforms and audiences and expand the brand into a whole new area”, says Andréane.

“Rovio Montreal is focused on expanding Rovio’s free-to-play expertise into a multi-platform approach with PC/console focus. Our Montreal studio is developing games and exploring new audiences and I have no doubt Andréane will excel at the helm of it”, says Head of studios, Andy Muesse.

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