Tune in for a season of four 22-minute specials including Halloween, and Christmas specials, and one inc-arrrrr-edible season finale – only on Netflix.

Article Licensing News default 22.08.2022

Angry Birds Summer Madness season three will start streaming on Netflix on August 25! This new season is special from front to back, featuring four all-new, and very special episodes – each coming in at double the runtime of the regular season episodes. These special 22-minute episodes will cover some exciting autumn and winter holidays at Camp Splinterwood, as well as send the campers off with a fantastic finale.


Created with partner CAKE Entertainment, Angry Birds Summer Madness debuted on Netflix in January 2022, giving Angry Birds fans their first glimpse of the lives of teenage Red, Chuck, Bomb, and Stella, as they navigated their awkward early teens, and braved the murky social waters of summer camp. Now that summer is coming to an end, season three of Angry Birds Summer Madness is here to close out the year with a bang. Tune in to see our campers getting spooky in a special Halloween episode, as well as ringing in the holidays – Camp Splinterwood style in a (you guessed it) very special Christmas episode. It’s a season so special, it simply cannot be missed!

Season three of Angry Birds Summer Madness comes to Netflix on August 25! New to the series? There is still plenty of time to catch up on the last two seasons – both of which are streaming now on Netflix.