Rovio’s catalog of games have been downloaded over 5 billion times since 2009, which means we’ve got a lot of thanking to do.

Article Games News default 14.04.2022

Recently, Rovio had the distinct honor of reaching 5 billion downloads across its entire games catalog. Angry Birds was the first mobile game ever to reach one billion downloads, which happened in 2012, three years after the game was launched. As we released more and more games, and that total download number increased, it also became increasingly difficult to understand what it all means. So how many is 5 billion really? Let’s put it in context.

The earth’s population hit 5 billion relatively recently, only surpassing the 5 billion mark in the late 80s. We’re sitting at a cozy 7.7 billion at the time of this writing, so there are at least a few billion people who haven’t played our games. That’s ok, we love a challenge!

If you place 5 billion app icons side by side, they would stretch around the world with plenty of room to spare. But we don’t need to do all of that. We’re lucky enough that our games have been enjoyed by people in almost every territory in the world, and at least one international space station.

Angry Birds fans have asked us to #BringBack2012 roughly 5 billion times. Ok, that one isn’t real (or is it?). But still, we wouldn’t have a single download if it wasn’t for all of you. The fans are the reason we do this, and we are going to keep making the games that you love to play, with the characters that have grown to be such a big part of your life.

If we took one second to say thank you for each game download, it would take at least 159 years, but please accept this one humble thank you for making this all a reality.

Thank you!