Watch 16 new episodes full of the summer camp adventures of the teenage Angry Birds flock – stream it now on Netflix.

Article Licensing News default 24.06.2022

After the first season of Angry Birds Summer Madness came to an end, many were wondering when the series would return, or if it was returning at all. In May, we put the speculation to rest by announcing the second season was coming later in the year. Well “later in the year” is right now, so we’re happy to announce that Angry Birds Summer Madness season 2 is streaming now on Netflix!


Angry Birds Summer Madness Season 2 Trailer


Perfect to binge on a car ride to a summer holiday destination, or from a summer cottage that is graciously within data coverage, Angry Birds Summer Madness season 2 brings 16 all-new episodes showing the teenage versions of Red, Chuck, Bomb, Stella, and the rest of your favorite Angry Birds characters spending an unforgettable summer at Camp Splinterwood. Watch as they ward off bullies, help the Hatchlings, and get in and out of loads of trouble.

Watch Angry Birds Summer Madness season 2 on Netflix!