With updated visuals, new levels, new locations, and new characters, Angry Birds Reloaded delivers the same bird-flinging satisfaction found in the original Angry Birds games.

Article Angry Birds default 15.06.2021

They say those who do not learn from history are destined to repeat it, and the green piggies haven’t learned a thing since first snatching the birds’ eggs in 2009. It seems that those precious egg MacGuffins have gone missing once again. There’s only one thing that can stop the greedy green piggies, and that is a good old slingshot and some classic bird-flinging action. Introducing: Angry Birds Reloaded! A fresh take on the game that took the world by storm in 2009 – all gussied up with fresh visuals, new levels, and new flingable characters.

The setup is one Angry Birds old heads will be familiar with: the birds must take back what is theirs in the best way they know how – putting life and wing on the line and firing themselves from a giant slingshot. Bring down the towers and pop all pigs on the screen to clear the level and it’s on to the next challenge. Completionists can go for the much sought after three star score by completing each level as deftly and efficiently as possible using the individual strengths of each bird. It’s a proven formula that can provide a short burst of destructive distraction, or marathon length just-one-more-try play sessions.

Angry Birds Reloaded combines this time-tested bird-flinging fun with some new tricks the birds have picked up over the last decade. As players thwart the efforts of the egg-stealing pigs, they will visit locales from the Angry Birds movies, including Bird Island, Piggy Island, and even the icy Eagle Island, where they will have to contend with the evil (and frankly, just arrogant) Eagles. In order to take out these foes, they’re going to need some help. Luckily a new roster of playable piggy characters comes through to lend a hand, and a fair amount of snot, to the cause.

Angry Birds Reloaded comes to Apple Arcade very soon. Like all games featured in Apple Arcade, Angry Birds Reloaded will be downloadable as a complete experience, free from in-app purchases. Angry Birds Reloaded will also be a cross platform game, able to be played on any compatible Apple device. Start playing on iPhone, and pick up where you left off on Apple TV or Mac.


Ready your aiming thumbs and get ready for a classic Angry Birds experience when Angry Birds Reloaded comes to Apple Arcade soon!