Joining for the sixth year, Angry Birds 2 donates all UK in-app purchases made on October 6th to SpecialEffect to share the joy of gaming with people with disabilities.

Article Games News default 06.10.2023

We are happy to announce today that Angry Birds 2 is participating in the One Special Day event for the sixth year in a row! For 24 hours (the entire day of October 6), all in-app purchases made in Angry Birds 2 in the UK will be donated to SpecialEffect.

SpecialEffect is an inspiring charity dedicated to leveling the playing field in the world of gaming. Their mission is to make video games and technology accessible to individuals with disabilities, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their physical abilities, can experience the joy and social connections that gaming offers. SpecialEffect achieves this through their innovative and personalized approach, creating custom gaming setups and developing adaptive technology tailored to each individual’s unique needs. Their profound impact extends far beyond the gaming community, touching the lives of countless people and their families, providing not just entertainment, but also a sense of empowerment and belonging. SpecialEffect’s dedication to inclusivity and their pioneering work in the field of accessible gaming make them a beacon of hope and a force for positive change in the world.

Every year, SpecialEffect hosts the One Special Day event that unites the global gaming community for this remarkable cause. For one day of the year, leading game companies generously donate a day’s worth of their profits to support SpecialEffect’s mission of making gaming accessible to individuals with disabilities. Through cutting-edge technology and customized gaming setups, SpecialEffect empowers people with disabilities to experience the joy of gaming. One Special Day serves as a heartwarming reminder of the transformative power of gaming and the community’s collective effort to create a more inclusive world where everyone can enjoy the magic of video games.

So UK-based Angry Birds 2 bird flingers, if you were ever thinking about stocking up on some gems, now is the perfect time! Every purchase will help make it easier for someone to experience the joy of video games. For those residing outside the United Kingdom, learn more about One Special Day and find out how you can donate here.


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