The very first Angry Birds Stella game is here!


Welcome to Golden Island, home to Stella, Dahlia, Willow, Poppy, and Luca – and of course Gale the Bad Princess and her clueless piggy minions!

It’s another beautiful morning on Golden Island, Stella is hanging out in her treehouse when when suddenly CRASH! – a Minion Pig drops through the skylight and steals Stella’s most precious belonging, her scrapbook. But what were the pigs really after, and who sent them? Could Gale the Bad Princess have anything to do with this?

Angry Birds Stella offers a new take on slingshot action. There are stunning visuals and animations, as well as an all-new flock of feisty characters with amazing superpowers. And they all live a previously unseen corner of the Angry Birds universe: Golden Island.

Track down Gale and her piggy minions and recover Stella’s scrapbook! Use it to collect your achievements and unlock new variations of the characters, which you can see as stylized polaroids of Stella and her friends. Of course, with Stella, you can also get some Telepods figures to teleport straight into the game as playable characters!

Angry Birds Stella is out now on Apple’s App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore, BlackBerry World and NOOK Apps, and it’s free to play! Check out the trailer below and get the game now!

Want to have peek what Stella and her friends’ superpowers would look like in the real world? Take a look at the video below, and don’t forget to also watch the gameplay trailer!

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