New Angry Birds game soft launches in Canada


An all-new Angry Birds adventure is currently under pigstruction and coming to the Canada App Store!

Today, we’re giving Canadian bird-flingers a sneak peek at a brand new game that’s under pigstruction, featuring those most enraged of avian protagonists, the Angry Birds! Join the core cast of Angry Birds characters (and some new faces) in a brand new twist on the slingshot gameplay you know and love.

As always, the birds are up against their admirably persistent, and thankfully clueless, piggy rivals. This time, the pigs are constructing things differently, and it’s sure to give players a new challenge every time. However, that challenge does not come without new ammunition on the birds’ side. Players can now collect bird cards that allow them to choose which bird they fling and when – and new spells allow the birds to pull off massive damage. Players must choose their birds and spells strategically because the pigs are constructing extra-difficult multi-stage levels. Consider the ante, upped.

Players will also have a chance to challenge one another in daily tournaments to earn feathers, upgrade their birds, and to see who’s the most hardcore bird-flinger of all – and the leaderboards will show the global pecking order. Game on!

During soft launch we’ll test the game and gather feedback from fans to max the fun and make it super entertaining. Download Angry Birds Under Pigstruction from the Canadian Apple App Store now!

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