Angry Birds Stella animated series premieres on ToonsTV worldwide


Dramatic and engaging narrative revealing the story of Stella and her friends

Dramatic and engaging narrative revealing the story of Stella and her friends

ESPOO, Finland – October 31st, 2014 – Angry Birds Stella and friends come to ToonsTV with a brand new animated series full of adventure, fun - and drama! The first season, with 13 inspiring six-minute episodes, is premiering tomorrow worldwide. Last week fans got a little surprise when the first episode was exclusively premiered inside the Angry Birds Stella game, over a week before the global launch. To have an exclusive sneak peek, check out the Angry Birds Stella game!

Angry Birds Stella series is all about the story - an entirely new, dramatic and engaging narrative that will develop throughout the season and open up the world of the flock’s fearless characters. With each episode, fans will learn more about our fierce pink heroine Stella and her battle with the good-bird-gone-bad and ex-BFF Gale. Why did Gale get the nickname “Bad Princess?” Can Stella and Gale be friends again? How do Stella, Poppy, Luca, Dahlia and Willow rock out with their clashing personalities - and their superpowers? Can there be friendship and adventure, without any complications? We can’t give out any spoilers, but there will be some cliffhangers!

Weekly episodes will be released on Saturdays on Rovio’s ToonsTV channel, which gained over 3 billion views in record time. The series will also make its way to TV and VoD services reaching hundreds of millions of homes worldwide.

“We are super excited that Angry Birds Stella fans have been enjoying Stella’s world through our character reveals and game play trailers. These have been viewed over 60 million times already!” said Steve Pegram, Head of Rovio Animation Studio. “We’re now introducing fans a whole new series, dedicated to this fierce and fearless flock that delves a little bit deeper into their world. With a combination of lovingly crafted backgrounds, inspirational storytelling, and world class music we hope to take our fans on a unique experience.”

Angry Birds Stella’s stories are told through games, animation and toys, as well as digital and physical books! After all, reading is a superpower! Fans are now able to follow Stella and her friends also on Twitter.

Take a look at the series trailer here! #OwnYourSuperpower

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