Rovio and Hasbro announce Angry Birds Stella Telepods!


Yesterday we told you about Stella and her friends - today, Rovio and Hasbro are announcing Angry Birds Stella Telepods!

Yesterday we told you about Stella and her close-knit group of friends embarking on new adventures in never-before-seen parts of the Angry Birds universe. Stella’s story will be told through games, animations, books, toys and other fun stuff. Speaking about toys, something you will get your hands on later this year are Angry Birds Stella Telepods from Hasbro!

These new playsets and figures will expand the Angry Birds Stella adventure in both physical and digital worlds - basically, they’re fun toys that also work with our games. How do they work exactly? Here you can see the Angry Birds Star Wars II Telepods in action!

We can't say much more at this point, but we think you're going to enjoy the reveals that we've got lined up for our tumblr page at, including news on the upcoming game and more.


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