It’s the most Eggiest time of the year.


The Angry Birds are getting all Eastery with new updates and limited time Easter sales!

Easter greetings

Easter is all about the eggs, and that’s something our birds can get behind. It’s just natural that we’ve got some great Easter treats planned for the eggiest day of the year. No need to hunt for these Easter goodies, find all the details right here.

Angry Birds 2 celebrates Easter in true Angry Birds 2 fashion with a brand new set of Easter hats. It’s just not Easter unless everything has bunny ears on it. In addition to the Easter hat set, there’s also the new Work and Mythic hat sets to dress up your birds in, and 2 new areas with 40 levels apiece. Plus, grab a special pack of Gems, Feathers, and Black Pearls in a limited time spring offer! This is the first time Feathers and Black pearls have been purchasable so now is your chance to catch up on leveling up your birds.

Angry Birds Friends is hosting two Easter tournaments in one week starting April 13th. The tournaments feature 12 new levels filled with paint and eggs. I think you know what to do with those. The levels also introduce a mysterious, gravity-defying new object. Crack open these crystal balls to lift nearby objects into the air. Also, check into Angry Birds Friends from April 14th through the 19th and stock up on Bird Coins, power-ups and special slingshots in a three-day Easter sale.

Next up, Angry Birds Blast has been taken over by some suspicious looking bunnies, and guess what these obviously-not-pigs-in-disguise have run off with. Well, it wouldn’t be Easter without an Easter Egg hunt. Collect eggs in the Daily Quest to earn yourself some extra boosters. Get 2 free tickets for the Quest every day, and get even more with gold or by sharing on Facebook.

Last, the totally-no-way-they’re-pigs-in-bunny-ears invade Angry Birds POP as well. You know what to do. Drop those piggies – I mean, bunnies, collect the eggs, and earn rewards. Plus, grab some extra gold in a special Easter sale from April 15 - 17!

That’s all of the egg-filled festivities for this year. Go nuts, but remember – where there are eggs, the pigs can’t be far behind!

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