Rovio's Investor Relations serves analysts and investors, and coordinates Rovio's IR meetings and activities.

IR principles

The role of Rovio’s Investor Relations is to ensure that the markets have correct and sufficient information in order to determine the value of the Rovio share by providing up-to-date information about the company's operations, strategy and financial position to the capital markets. Information shared must be communicated equally and simultaneously to all market parties. In its investor communications, Rovio complies with the laws and recommendations that regulate the communications of listed companies.

Silent period

Rovio's silent period begins 30 days before the publication of an interim report, half year report or a financial statements release. During the silent period, Rovio's management or experts do not meet capital market representatives. During the silent period, Rovio does not make statements to the media on the Company’s financial position, markets or future. The silent period ends when the group’s interim report or financial statements release is published. Date and time of the operating results disclosure are published in October or November of the previous year, and they are available on the investor calendar on the Company's investor relations website.

If an event occurs during the silent period that requires immediate disclosure, Rovio will disclose the related information without delay in accordance with the provisions concerning the disclosure obligation and may comment on the said event.

Flagging notifications

Under certain circumstances, shareholders have an obligation to notify both the Financial Supervisory Authority and Rovio of any changes in their holdings and voting rights. Rovio has in turn an obligation to publicly disclose the shareholder’s notification.

The Securities Markets Act specifies the thresholds for submitting a flagging notification. A notification must be made when the holding reaches or exceeds or, alternatively, falls below 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 50 or 90 percent, or two thirds (2/3), of the voting rights or number of shares of the company.

The objective of the regulation on the notification obligation is to ensure that shareholders have access to information on the ownership and power structures of a listed company and any changes therein. Considering the material impact that flagging information may have on the value of a listed company’s shares, notifications give investors an opportunity to equal access to information.

A flagging notification must be submitted without undue delay, but no later than on the trading day following a breach of the notification threshold. Flagging notifications must be sent to Rovio using email address Flagging notifications must be sent to the Financial Supervisory Authority according to its guidelines.

More information on the website of the Financial Supervisory Authority.

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