Stockholm Studio


Creating the next big mobile RPG.

Rovio Stockholm is the studio behind the hugely popular Angry Birds 2, the bigger, badder, and birdier sequel to the global phenomenon that put Angry Birds on the map. Following up a phenomenon has been a huge challenge, and it has been extremely rewarding to see the game thrive. While we are soaring high on that success, and we continue to expand and improve that title, we are also developing new IPs and exploring new game ideas, specifically within the RPG genre. 

Our mission is to become the best mobile RPG developer in the west. That’s no small task, but we believe that we have a unique possibility to mix this studio’s experience of creating accessible, inclusive mass-market games with our personal love for RPGs. Our design pillars are: dynamic, character-driven, and highly social. We are very motivated to create mid-core games that are both approachable and challenging. 

In the Stockholm studio, we keep a flat hierarchy, a high level of transparency, and open communication. Our team is always trying to find ways to improve our projects, tools, communication, and ourselves, while keeping the atmosphere friendly, inclusive, respectful and super supportive. With paid overtime and basically no crunch we also respect each other’s time. We make sure that we learn both from our mistakes and our success as we grow both in number and in experience. At the Stockholm Studio you will be working with great co-workers in a team-oriented, informal, international, and inspiring working environment.

Reginaldo Valadares

"I am a father and an avid gamer. I started my career in the games industry 17 years ago by founding a startup pioneer in online multiplayer games in Brazil. After a few years living in Germany, I realised Berlin was not cold enough so I moved to Finland to be Head of Production for Rovio Stars. Early in 2017 I joined the outstanding team of Rovio Stockholm with the mission to deliver some of the best mobile RPGs in the west.
– Reginaldo Valadares, Head of Studio, Stockholm