Trainees FAQ

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Are traineeships paid?

Yes, you can expect a fair pay for your hard work as trainees will work full time. Please note that this is applicable for traineeship opportunities where the trainee is employed directly by Rovio.

I live abroad. Can I still apply?

Yes, you’re more than welcome to apply. However, Rovio cannot provide work authorization nor relocation assistance for trainees so you’ll need to be eligible to work in Finland and secure your own housing.

Can I apply for multiple positions that I’m interested in?

Feel free to apply to each role that you’re passionate about. We recommend that you tailor your application for each position to increase your chances. For example, a link to your portfolio is a good idea if you’re applying for an Art Trainee position.

I submitted my application. When should I expect to hear back?

It may take some time for us to get back to you after the application deadline, since we receive thousands of applications for trainee positions and they’re individually reviewed by a real life human. (Robots haven’t taken control yet!) We aim to fill all trainee positions no later than early April.

What can I expect in the interview process?

While the process varies, most roles involve 1-2 interviews, virtually and/or face-to-face. We may invite you to take a test depending on the role (e.g. if you’re a game designer, we may ask you to take a design test). We understand that you may be considering other opportunities, so let us know how we can best accommodate your timeline.