Third party data controllers and processors


Party Function Link to Privacy Policy
Facebook Leaderboards. Game progress save. Advertising. Social connect. Privacy Policy
KakaoTalk social network Angry Bird Classic on KakaoTalk social network platform Privacy Policy
Vungle Advertising Privacy Policy
AdColony Advertising Privacy Policy
Unity Technologies Finland Advertising Privacy Policy
Apple Search Ads Advertising Privacy Policy
Google Adwords Advertising Privacy Policy
PlaytestCloud Game testing Privacy Policy
Pinterest Social Network Platform Privacy Policy
IronSource Advertising Privacy Policy (PDF)


Party Function
Google (Google App Engine) Game server platform
Flurry, Inc. Game Analytic service to verify analytic information
Amazon Web Services Hosting
Google Analytics Analytics for websites
HockeyApp (Microsoft Inc.) Measuring game crash events
Google Crashlytics Measuring game crash events
Rovio Sweden AB Operating Angry Birds 2
Two Hat Security Profanity filter
ZenDesk Player Support
SurveyMonkey Customer surveys
SurveyGizmo Customer surveys
Chimera Entertainment Operating and developing Angry Birds Evolution
Exient Operating and developing Angry Birds GO! And Angry Birds Transformers
Outplay Operating and developing Angry Birds POP
Mybo Operating and developing Angry Birds Blast
CoolGames Operating and developing Angry Birds Instant in Facebook Messenger
Playfab Game leaderboards and Facebook friends for Bad Biggies and AB Seasons.
Singular Labs Attribution, install verification
Vungle Advertising
AdColony Advertising
Smartclip Advertising
SmartStream Advertising
Venatus Media Advertising
Apple Search Ads Advertising
Google Adwords Advertising Analytics
Nanigans Advertisement management
Google Fabric App development
Databricks Data processing
Google Firebase Push notifications
Testronic Laboratories Player support
Appbot Analytics for player support
nCore Operating and developing Angry Birds Classic and Angry Birds Epic