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Staff Level Designer

26.01.2023 Design Open position Apply here
Our vision is to innovate in the puzzle category with games that fill players with delight. If you have the passion to create new and engaging levels come to join us in the wonderful world of Moomin Valley.

We are looking for an experienced Staff Level Designer to join our Puzzle Studio and our new game team. Our vision is to innovate in the puzzle category with games that fill players with delight. You will come in with fresh eyes and bring new ideas  to make levels that  truly shine. As a critical part of the team, you will analyze the current strengths and weaknesses of the Core and drive key initiatives to improve the success of the game.  

We are looking for a candidate that shares our passion to take puzzle gaming to the next level and to provide deeper gameplay experiences. We strive to achieve a stronger understanding of the player's motivations, needs, and satisfaction.

What you'll be doing:

  • Create fun and satisfying levels
  • Be part of a level team that works together to bring a stronger understanding of the player's motivations, needs, and satisfaction. 
  • Work with the Team on A/B tests related to level content and core/toy to enable further growth
  • Drive the curation process for a new game to improve level performance
  • Collaborate with other designers to craft a cohesive experience for players

Who we think will do great in this role has:

  • 3+ years of commercial experience and proven success working on mobile F2P games, with about 2 years of experience building levels for a match game.
  • Experience coming both from operating a live game as well as developing a game from scratch is a plus
  • Experience designing and executing on-level philosophies and processes.
  • Experience working closely with BI to understand the data and create a plan to improve KPI’s
  • A collaborative approach to empower and inspire those around you, at the same time strong team player
  • An ability to align a team behind a vision and manage conflict on a team by listening, understanding, and aligning the team members to the common goals
  • Strong spoken and written communication skills
  • Critical thinker who is creative, adaptive and a strong problem solver

Recruitment process:

  • First meeting: You will meet the hiring manager. The aim is for us to know who you are, what your experience has been, and what motivates you. This is also an opportunity for you to learn about Rovio, the wider team, and the specifics of the role.
  • Test: You will do an exercise to complete in your own time.
  • Second round: Review your test with Craft MembersFinal round: You will be invited to meet the team lead and team member(s). Our aim is to get a clear overview of your skills, how you would fit with our working culture, your ambitions, and where we can help each other develop. 


We welcome applicants to use the name they want to be addressed by in the application form, regardless of whether it is their legal name.

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