Senior Producer

31.03.2023 Production Permanent Open position Apply here
We’re looking for a Senior Producer to support the production of Rovio games.  Partnering with the Game Lead and Producer, you will be responsible for the game’s continued success!  Do you have the passion and experience to define and drive processes and methodologies?  Are you ready to inspire the team and be the voice of project excellence?

Your responsibilities:

  • Support the release process and ensure live operations continue running smoothly - both our daily server-side updates and monthly client-side updates
  • Maintain a game roadmap with clear milestones that shows the team and stakeholders whether we’re on track
  • Break down complex features or art assets into tasks.  Work with developers to get estimates and forecast a delivery date.  Stagger large features across multiple releases
  • Understand the art, design and engineering pipelines well enough that when relevant information is presented in a meeting, you’ll surface it to the right person at the right time
  • Support all central teams (Localisation, UA, Marketing), ensuring their requests are prioritized and they get the resources they need

Who we think will do great in this role has:

  • You’ve worked in games production for 5+ years
  • You’re player focused. You learn the audience of the game and based on this knowledge and experience you can guide the prioritisation of features from the player perspective. You use your expertise and intuition when deciding whether we have a shippable build
  • You adapt your personal style to communicate with a wide variety of personality types and motivations.  You can find alignment even when there are passionate arguments on both sides of an issue
  • You inspire cross-functional teams (art, design, engineering) to collaborate with each other in pursuit of a shared goal
  • You understand the deeper reasons why a process isn’t working, and are able roll out effective improvements that last for years to come
  • You enjoy coaching and mentoring teammates, helping them reach their full potential

We’d love if you have some of these:

  • You play free-to-play games regularly
  • You’ve worked on mobile games and understand the platform submission process
  • You’ve worked on a live operated game, ideally on multiple different domains (features, content, tech & tools) within the same game over several years

Recruitment process:
First meeting: You will meet the TA Partner to get acquainted and learn more about Rovio and the specifics of the role.
Call with a Hiring manager: We will dive deeper into your skills and background, and also discuss what motivates you.
Call with a Game lead: You will speak with Game lead so that we can understand your ambitions and where we can help you develop.
Panel interview with a game team: You will meet a part of the game team. Our aim is to get a clear overview of your skills and how you would fit with our working culture.

Rovio's Stockholm Studio is the studio behind the hugely popular Angry Birds 2, the bigger, badder and birdier sequel to the global phenomenon Angry Birds. The studio is dedicated to making the Angry Birds 2 game experience ever more exciting for players, developing continual improvements, as well as running world class live ops every day.

In addition to Angry Birds 2, Stockholm studio is actively developing new titles with the Angry Birds brand as well as new original IPs. Our approach is to focus on highly accessible yet innovative cores paired with Rovio's light-hearted aesthetic. At the same time, we still aim to deliver a deep meta that can keep players engaged for decades.  Our development is driven by our players as we push to become masters of our genre. We use data to provide insights into our players' needs, and we always strive for improvement through continual iteration.

Our ambitious teams are full of passionate gamers who are eager to leave their mark. 


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