(Senior) 3D Generalist

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(Senior) 3D Generalist

16.03.2022 Art Permanent Open position Apply here
As a 3D generalist you have hands-on experience creating environments, characters, animations/rigs, lighting and rendering and you are passionate and uniquely focused on all things 3D. You probably “can do it all” and if you don’t “you want to learn it all”.

As a 3D generalist at Rovio you will help design the visual identity of our games and contribute not only as a 3D artist, but also as a key creative stakeholder by participating in content playtest and planning meetings. You will help design the content pipeline / toolchain and 3D workflows, you will create high quality production assets from scratch, but also help optimise and integrate pre-existing and externally sourced assets. 

You'll do great in this role if you have

  • Experience in creating a variety of stylized 3D assets (environments, characters, props) in a wide range of styles (sculpting / modeling / retopo / bakes).
  • Knowledge of 3D applications (blender, 3ds max, maya, Zbrush, Gravity Sketch, Nomad Sculpt, and so on).
  • Experience creating textures and shaders in Photoshop / Procreate / Substance Painter / Designer / Unity.
  • Experience in lighting and rendering in engine and pre-rendered (blender, V-Ray, Arnold, and so on).
  • Previous experience working as a prototype artist in Unity (setting up scenes, integrating content, debugging).
  • The ability to be a champion and ambassador for quality and excellence within the Art Department.
  • Empathy and ability to understand the point of view of others, especially the players.
  • Business level spoken and written English proficiency.

Recruitment process

First meeting: You will meet the hiring manager. Before diving deeper into your skills, we want to know who you are and what motivates you. This is also an opportunity for you to learn more about Rovio and the specifics of the role.

Second meeting: You will meet some of our 3D Craft Leads and discuss the test and topics related to it (as a group meeting or as a series of 1 on 1s). 

Final round: You will be invited to meet the game team lead and team member(s).

We welcome applicants to use the name they want to be addressed by in the application form, regardless of whether it is their legal name.

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