You wanted ‘em, you got ‘em! Angry Birds update with 15 extra classic levels - and more!


Ever since our last big update with new gameplay, fans have been asking for some extra classic Angry Birds levels. Well, here they are – the much-anticipated brand new 15 levels with the familiar gameplay we all know and love!

Our previous big update to the classic Angry Birds game featured all-new gameplay. It was the first time we tried something completely new inside the game and we were really eager to hear what everyone thought.

We’ve been keeping a close eye on fan sites, game reviews, comments, social discussions and app stores. While many people were positive about this new addition, it became clear that the majority of fans wanted to also play more of those classic Angry Birds levels.

Squawk! What to do? Well, we listened and got down to work. Here are 15 brand new extra levels we whipped up for fans of the classic Angry Birds, filled with the gameplay we all know and love! We also reworked Red’s special power in these levels to be more intuitive and versatile.

We put some time aside to make these extra levels, but worry not - the next planned update for Angry Birds is still firmly on schedule, and will be available in November as planned!

The Angry Birds update is available for iOS(iPhone, iPad), Android, PC and OSX today. The update includes the 15 extra levels and a bunch of other new improvements and additionsDOWNLOAD HERE. Check out these great new levels in action from our Beaking News gameplay trailer below.

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