World\'s First Angry Birds Adventure Park Coming to Finland


This coming summer, Rovio's Angry Birds will take over Särkänniemi Adventure Park in Tampere.

This coming summer, Särkänniemi Adventure Park in Tampere. With children and families in mind, Angry Birds Land will be themed and designed according to the style of the world’s leading amusement parks.

”We wanted to create a unique themed area and associate it with a strong and well-known brand”, says Miikka Seppälä, Managing Director of Särkänniemi Adventure Park. ”The Angry Birds characters were born in Finland but known worldwide by people of all ages. This is a perfect fit for our Adventure Park”, says Seppälä.

Angry Birds games outdoors

"Our goal is to motivate the fans, both adults and children, to exercise and enjoy the outdoors. Särkänniemi theme park, in cooperation with Rovaniemi playground manufacturer Lappset Ltd, offer a delightful Angry Birds experience for the whole family. Tampere’s Angry Birds Land will be the first of several of Angry Bird parks around the world”, reveals Harri Koponen, Rovio´s EVP of Licensing and Merchandising.

This spring, Särkänniemi will reveal more information about the design of Angry Birds Land, which will include many different elements such as rides and amusement park games. This area will also include “Magic Places”, where outdoor activities and the gaming world meet.

Angry Birds Land is designed in cooperation with Särkänniemi’s personnel, Rovio Entertainment and BDR Design, an internationally-known entertainment design company that has worked on amusement parks around the world.

Särkänniemi Adventure Park’s summer season opens on April 28th, and sneak peeks of the construction of Angry Birds Land will be shown on Särkänniemi Adventure Park’s website and on Facebook.

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