Wings up! Critics weigh in on The Angry Birds Movie


Some lucky early birds (also known as film critics) have already had a chance to see the (very) soon to be released movie. What did they think?

Those who watch and write about movies full-time can be a pretty tough crowd. They’ve seen and heard everything, after all -- except, as it happens, a major motion picture to hatch from a mobile game. So how are they reacting so far to The Angry Birds Movie?

“Rich in color, energy and perfectly dreadful puns, this film adaptation of the Finnish gaming phenomenon surpasses all cynical expectations,” exclaims Variety. “From the reach-out-and-touch-the-screen plushness of the eponymous creatures’ plumage to the carefully considered 3D design, the film is a frequently dazzling feat of craftsmanship, saturated in tropical oil-pastel shades. ... Brightly accessible to viewers who have never so much as tapped the app, it could easily found a big-screen franchise of its own.”

“The animation punches well above its weight,” adds The Hollywood Reporter. “Befitting of the nature of the original games, spatial relationships are exceedingly clear, and the intricate, Rube Goldberg-like structures the film’s world builds up make sense mechanically right up to the moment they get blown to smithereens.”

“The Angry Birds Movie … has the distinct advantage of taking its popular icons and doing pretty much whatever they want with them, and the end result is a fun, offbeat and vibrant animated comedy,” concludes IGN.

Sounds like a film worth seeing, right? But don’t take the critics’ word for it, or ours for that matter. The Angry Birds Movie is crashing headlong very soon into a theater near you -- on May 20 in North America and May 13 across much of Europe!

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