United for Wildlife and Angry Birds unite to help save Pangolins from extinction


The Roll with the Pangolins Angry Birds Friends Tournament, brings United for Wildlife and Rovio together to save the Pangolin, one of the world's most endangered species

The Roll with the Pangolins Angry Birds Friends Tournament, brings United for Wildlife and Rovio together to save the Pangolin, one of the world’s most endangered species

Espoo/Finland — London/United Kingdom — November 17th, 2014 — United for Wildlife and Rovio Entertainment unite to help save Pangolins, one of the world’s most endangered species from extinction. The eight species of Pangolins live in tropical regions of Asia and Africa and are being threatened by illegal poaching for meat and scales. Their only own defense is to roll up into a ball when threatened.

Starting on November 17th through the 23rd, anyone can help raise awareness of the adorable Pangolins' plight for survival by playing Roll with the Pangolin, a tournament in Angry Birds Friends. Players are tasked to free illegally captured pangolins learning about their plight in the process.

In addition to the game, Rovio have created a series of videos where The Duke of Cambridge, President of United for Wildlife, describes the Pangolins’ situation and the important activities United for Wildlife is carrying out globally for wildlife preservation that are viewable in Rovio’s Toons.tv video channel available on all Angry Birds games.

"By spreading the message about poaching, I hope you can be part of a movement that says no to poached ivory and rhino horn, and many other animal parts," The Duke of Cambridge says in the video messages. "With the help of Angry Birds, we have created an Angry Birds Friends tournament for the Pangolins, so you can have some fun while learning more about them and the wider issue of poaching."

“We are delighted to have taken part in this collaboration with The Duke of Cambridge and United for Wildlife”, said Blanca Juti, Chief Marketing Officer of Rovio, “Angry Birds has always been happy to support causes close to our values. Protecting wildlife is clearly is an important cause for all of us!”

For more information:

- United for Wildlife: http://www.unitedforwildlife.org/
- Watch the Duke of Cambridge’s video invitation: http://youtu.be/eTTXPd8iLsQ
- Check out Angry Birds Friends: http://friends.angrybirds.com

Press and media contact:

United For Wildlife

United for Wildlife is a collaboration between seven of the world’s most influential conservation organisations and the Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry. A key aim of this alliance is to engage and inspire young people and the next generation of conservation leaders at a critical time.

The seven conservation organisations partnering the Royal Foundation for United for Wildlife are: Conservation International; Fauna & Flora International; the International Union for Conservation of Nature; The Nature Conservancy; Wildlife Conservation Society; WWF-UK; and the Zoological Society of London.

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