Tiger Day Tournament roars into Angry Birds Friends


Rovio partners with WWF and the UN's Wild for Life campaign (UNEP, UNDP, UNODC and CITES) for International Tiger Day

Birds are not known for being friends with cats – not least the biggest and most ferocious cats of all. But both tigers and birds have all too many reasons to be angry about poaching, habitat loss and other threats to wildlife. That’s why the furious flock and their mighty stripey associates are making common cause this week in the Tiger Day Tournament, the latest competition in Angry Birds Friends.

In the tournament, which coincides with International Tiger Day on July 29, the pigs have gotten into the poaching business and have captured tigers from the jungle. It’s up to the Angry Birds to smash their cages and set the big cats free.

Thanks to cooperation with the Wild For Life and WWF, players also learn about tigers and the conservation challenges facing them in short, fun fact cards that pop up in the course of the gameplay. For example:


Many animals are symbols of the health of their forests; These same forests secure water and provide a host of natural resources required for healthy human populations. When we protect magnificent species, we are also ensuring our own health and well-being! What you can do to help is to raise awareness for the plight of this species so that more efforts are made to protect them!


A tiger's stripe pattern is as unique to them as fingerprints are to us. Their stripes go all the way down to their skin, meaning they would still be striped even if they didn’t have fur!


There are estimated less than 4,000 wild tigers! Conservationists are working on saving the species by doubling wild tiger numbers by 2022 ­- the next Year of the Tiger.

So get out there and earn your stripes! If you’re not playing Angry Birds Friends already, grab it here.

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