Team Red or Team Green? COMPETITION TIME!


Are you with the pigs or the birds?! Let us know with #JoinTeamGreen or #JoinTeamRed for a chance to win a plush toy! (P.S. COMPETITION TIME!!)


So, who are our lucky Team Red and Team Green reps? Let's find out...

Team Red
#1 @tuckerv12 showed off his rather fancy Angry Birds socks - Clearly a loyal representative of Team Red. Welcome!
#2 @calimerourges: "Don't be a pig and drive, be a bird and fly" - That's a veryTeam Red thing to say!
#3 While Marilyn Willey from the commentspersuades piggy fans to "come into the light" and join Team Red - Good luck with that, Marilyn!

Team Green
@arshednabeel complains that the pigs story has gone untold for years - Well, not anymore, and it's a great time to be on Team Green!
@faintlightodawn says: "The Birds should be more responsible with their eggz #kingpigismyidol" - And I agree... King Pig *is* my idol, too. Welcome to Team Green!
Justin T Melansonsays he loves the "snorkeling laugh" and -- wait!? -- snorkeling laugh? What's that?! Ohh, never mind. Welcome to Team Green!

Thank you to EVERYONE who took part! More competitions to come!


Now that the nefarious Bad Piggies have their own game alongside the Angry Birds, we want to know: Who do you support?

Infact, we want to know so badly, that we're going to run a little competition to help find out...

We want to know if you're on Team Green or Team Red. And why should other people join your favorite side?!

For a chance to win a plush toy, simply make your case on Twitter with #JoinTeamGreen or #JoinTeamRed. Or, if you don't have Twitter, just let us know in the comments.

We'll announce 6 winners - 3 for each side - at 12pm GMT on Wednesday October 3.

Remember: You can only have the plush toy if you pledge allegiance to your side!


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