Start the countdown to Angry Birds Go!


Get a sneak peek of the upcoming Angry Birds Go! with this exclusive countdown app! And look out for December 11th when the big race begins!

UPDATE: We've noticed some questions around the availability of our countdown app, and in turn the availability of Angry Birds Go! To clarify, the availability of the Angry Birds Go! countdown app will not effect the availability of the final product. The game will be launched worldwide on December 11 as planned.

The countdown to Angry Birds Go! begins today!

Get ready for December 11th with this exclusive countdown app, bringing you a sneak peek of our new kart-racing downhill extravaganza.

If you can't wait to get your hands on the full game, then this app is perfect for you. You can meet the birds and piggies, and check out their rides ahead of time. You can even collect daily points right now and earn rewards for when the game is released, such as upgrades for your ride.

Our countdown app also serves a companion app for your Angry Birds Go! TELEPODS toys. So, if you've already bought some, just teleport them into the app for an exclusive first look. If you can find TELEPODS in your nearest toy store, then you can most likely find the countdown app, too - check below for availability.December 11 will be here sooner than you think!Availability: USA, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, greece, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Russian Federation, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, P. R. China, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan.

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