Star Wars Celebration was amazing! (+ competition winners!!)


Take a look at what went down at Star Wars Celebration... Oh, and also find out if you won our #September19PleaseHurry competition!!

It's been a fun month here at Rovio HQ, what with the reveal of Angry Birds Star Wars 2, heading over to Comic-Con, showing off the game AND meeting our awesome fans.

Oh... And then there was Star Wars Celebration.

YES.Star Wars Celebration is, as the name implies, a yearly celebration of the whole entire Star Wars universe. There are walls-upon-walls of collectors items; members of the original cast; panel discussions; parties filled with cosplayers (yay) and, of course, Angry Birds!Naturally we decided to make this into a bit of a double celebration and gather all of our Angry Birds Star Wars fans together to draw our new characters with us.

The legendary Iain McCaig, behind Darth Maul, even dropped by to draw his very own Chewie Bird!

And of course, eager to learn, our fans came up with some pretty wonderful stuff too...

We had a great time and, like Comic-Con, we found it all really quite overwhelming when bumping into you guys and sharing our excitement with you. Thanks, again!

Now... Some of you may be waiting for some competition winners to be announced, right?

Last week, we gave all of you the chance to win the super-limited retro-inspired Angry Birds Star Wars figure set, pictured below.

The response was OVERWHELMING (there's that word again).

Floods of tweets came in (search: #September19PleaseHurry) and the original blog post now has almost 1,000 comments, filled with inspiring stories that can't help but remind us just how important you guys are.

So... We've managed to locate a couple more figure sets, and now we can pick three winners instead of one!Winner #1: Boba Fett from @Jody_Evans_

Winner #2: An animated entry from @Fan_AngryBirds

Winner #3: An inspiring, amazing story from Stepper Bepper in the comments

"My son should be considered for the contest because he LOVES angry birds...EVERYTHING is an angry bird in his eyes from a rock to a block. He is a great lil broother to his autistic brother and a sweet older brother to my youngest. Whenever he plays with his birds its like the whole world disappears and nothing can make him sad. Angry birds are his world and he is mine ♥ #September19PleaseHurry"

That's it!Thanks, everyone, for entering. It was really difficult choosing from all of the unique, personal and amazing stories. But we feel that this is a good mix.

More comps to come!

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