Squawk! Red Bird lands in Red Square!


Red Bird took center stage in Moscow last Sunday to announce an exciting new update to the original Angry Birds game.

Angry Birds will be flinging some fresh new challenges your way in the coming days. That’s right, Red Bird is about to get a starring role in his very own Angry Birds game episode called “Red’s Mighty Feathers”! And where better to announce Red’s new episode than in a place we like to think was named after him: Red Square in Moscow, Russia!

Check out the video to see what happened when Red Bird landed in Red Square.

We headed to the iconic Red Square, joining up with new 2013 high-school graduates and over 10,000 people for a massive outdoor celebration. Until now Red Bird has only had one special power – leadership. In Red’s upcoming episode he gets a new special power straight from the Mighty Eagle himself, and we wanted to announce this in the biggest possible way!

The A Cappella Red Choir on Red Square, Moscow

Moscow Graduation 2013 concert on the Red Bird stage.

So look out Red Bird fans – the new update is coming in July!

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