Six seconds to explain Portals from the upcoming Angry Birds Seasons update


The next theme for Angry Birds Seasons is Magic, and we announced a new gameplay element in a six second video created in Vine.

Since April 10th we’ve been giving subtle hints about the upcoming update to Angry Birds Seasons. April 20th was World Circus Day, and it was on this day we announced the theme of the update: Magic!

With this update we wanted to bring you some magical new gameplay elements. And we thought it would be fun to introduce the Portals mechanism through Vine with its six second video. It just seemed like the perfect way of showing you how the Magical Portals work.

If you’re familiar with Vine then you’ll know what the requirements are: film it on iPhone for a maximum time of six seconds, no editing, no separate video/audio recording and, of course, a direct upload. It’s pretty unforgiving, which is why we had to carefully plan our remake of the gameplay.

We built a set with four stages: slingshot, gameplay view, pig close-up and bird pop. All the stages had custom tricks and effects as well as custom audio sequences that were recorded simultaneously with the live action.

Recording on Vine is done by pressing the screen when recording. In order to get the timing just right, we marked the screen of our iPhone with the length of each sequence.

Have a look at the Vine and some of the photos from the set.

The Angry Birds Seasons Vine was our first-ever Vine and we invite you to tag your Vines with #AngryBirdsVine so that we can have a look at your marvelous creations.

Look out for some more magical content coming your way in the following days and weeks. Prepare yourself for the update by already downloading the Angry Birds Seasons game!

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