Rovio invites all kids in Europe to learn to code


Rovio partners with the European Union for EU Code Week

Rovio partners with the European Union for EU Code Week

Espoo, Finland — October 14th, 2014 — At Rovio we know that when something is fun, it’s easy! This is why we’re calling on kids of all ages across Europe and around the world to join us in learning to code. And this week (October 11-17) we can do it all together – millions of kids simultaneously learning to code in a fun, creative way through the engaging power of the Angry Birds brand.

We live in a digital world where coding and creativity play a key role. Coding is a 21st Century skill that can unleash incredible amounts of creativity and problem solving. It’s the way our new reality is built, as the reality we live in includes a growing digital realm. There is nothing virtual about this digital part of our world, it is a growing and very real part of our lives. Learning to code is learning how our digital reality is built, and it’s learning how to be a builder of this new reality as opposed to being a consumer or bystander. At Rovio we believe everyone should have the opportunity to be part of this world.

Learning to code is also learning to think. The very essence of coding is based on learning to approach a problem creatively in an analytic, structured and process-based way. These same intellectual methods can be used equally well by the complex biological computers in our heads.

“At Rovio it all starts with the concept of flow. Learning happens effortlessly when you’re having so much fun you don’t even notice. The Rovio Fun Learning offering for the EU Code Week makes coding accessible and easy. The globally loved Angry Birds characters will help children and adults alike find an inviting path to the amazing world of digital creativity” said Sanna Lukander, Vice President, Rovio Fun Learning. “Kids of all ages will go from simple coding to advance coding with javascripts and css in a breeze. Imagine creating your own 3D environment and learning how to program the behavior of objects within it!”

Head over to and learn to code the fun way during EU Code Week!

The second annual EU Code Week takes place from October 11-17. This year’s event brings together millions of children, teachers, entrepreneurs and policy makers in classrooms and events across Europe to learn programming and related skills. Representatives from major IT and tech companies, including Rovio, are also in attendance.

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