Rovio exports a Finnish learning concept to the world


Rovio's fun new learning concept is supported by the University of Helsinki

Espoo, Finland – September 9th 2013 - Rovio Entertainment announced its Angry Birds Playground learning concept today, which is a new export title built on the highly respected Finnish educational expertise. The program is based on, but not limited to, the Finnish National Curriculum for Kindergarten. In addition, Rovio has entered into a preliminary agreement with 123 Education Development Ltd in China.

“The concept allows children to experience learning in a fun way. It has been scientifically studied and proven in cooperation with the University of Helsinki, Cicero Learning Network – making education both engaging and inspiring”, said Sanna Lukander VP Learning and Book Publishing at Rovio.

Young children are inspired in different life skill areas such as language, math and interaction, music, arts and crafts, and both physical and social education.

“What if learning was fun? That was the question we asked ourselves when we started to develop this exciting new concept. Having seen the enthusiasm when children and parents spend time with Angry Birds, we wanted to create fun new learning activities for them”, said Peter Vesterbacka, Mighty Eagle and CMO at Rovio.

“The most optimal circumstances for learning are set when having fun, being motivated, being appreciated for who we are and having permission to be autonomous and experimental. Learning is rewarding and effective when you feel safe to experiment, and this is totally in tune with the Angry Birds Playground fun learning philosophy”, said professor Jari Multisilta, director of Cicero Learning Network at the University of Helsinki.

“We collaborate with the Department of Teacher Education at the University of Helsinki, to ensure that our work is based on the most recent early learning research and also to adapt to innovative 21st century teacher education methods and practices”, said Sanna Lukander.

Rovio and 123 Education Development Ltd have now signed a preliminary agreement to open learning facilities in China, with the first Angry Birds Playground in a 123 Early Childhood Learning Centre in Shanghai. Here the children will have the possibility to play and learn through this fun learning concept with a designated classroom and play area.

The subject matter and skills to be learned are presented in a playful and exciting way. Children will be encouraged to get actively involved in the learning process while having plenty of fun at the same time. The Angry Birds Playground Club enables kids to learn in a creative, multifaceted way – making the best of technology-enriched learning environments, as well as learning opportunities within and beyond the classroom. Children will have access to Angry Birds learning materials such as activity books, toys, physical games, educational posters, mobile math, reference books, a five string instrument, game cards and physical activity games on an interactive whiteboard.

Rovio is known for collaborating with several scientific and educational brands and institutions like NASA, CERN, National Geographic Society and the University of Helsinki.

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