Rovio celebrates Chinese New Year across Angry Birds and Rovio Stars games


Themed levels across different Rovio games bring out ‘Year of the Goat' elements

Themed levels across different Rovio games bring out ‘Year of the Goat’ elements

Espoo, Finland- 20th February 2015- To celebrate Chinese New Year, Rovio’s flock of Angry Birds games has embraced 2015’s Year of the Goat with themed updates including; Angry Birds GO! which features a brand new Goat Kart and Angry Birds Epic, where fans can join a bespoke Chinese Year, Player vs Player event!

As part of the globally revered celebration, Rovio is also thrilled to be part of App Store Chinese New Year theme with exclusive content running from February 17th to 28th. Joining the festivities, Rovio Stars’ combat strategy game, Plunder Pirates, honours this prestigious time of year with Chinese Pirate ships, and a brand new legendary pirate, ‘Ching Shih’. Angry Birds Stella also features an all new themed Chinese New Year level, although the Piggies that are stealing New Year’s gifts are trying to spoil the fun!

Last but not least, Rovio Stars’ newest game, Jolly Jam, also pays homage to the Year of the Goat.

“Rovio has been a great fan of Chinese New Year since 2012 when we developed a Year of the Dragon update for Angry Birds Seasons. We enjoy seeing fans around the world partake of a unique celebration that has its origins in China”, said David Byrne, SVP and COO of Games at Rovio. “Angry Birds is a very popular game in China and we want to honor our fans with celebrations across many of our titles. To date there have been close to half a billion downloads of the game in China.”

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