Ready to RETRY, RETRY, RETRY? Rovio LVL11’s first game is out now globally!


RETRY, the first game from Rovio's LVL11 publishing arm hits the global market - get ready to fly, and retry, and retry again!

RETRY, the first game from Rovio’s LVL11 publishing arm hits the global market - get ready to fly, and retry, and retry again!

Espoo, Finland — October 22nd, 2014 — Get ready for an 8-bit flying challenge in RETRY, the first global release by Rovio Entertainment’s experimental publishing arm, Rovio LVL11. RETRY was soft launched earlier this year in selected countries, and today the retro-style flying game is released in the Apple App Store and Google Play around the world. In RETRY the player hops into the cockpit of a small airplane, aiming to navigate through side-scrolling levels before the next inevitable crash.

“RETRY is a tribute to the video games of the 80s a lot of us grew up with”, said Jami Laes, Executive Vice President of Games, Rovio Entertainment. “The fun 8-bit aesthetics, chiptune music, the difficulty curve that hit you like a two-by-four - and you still persisted and beat those levels. It was all the sweeter for the challenge!”

Rovio LVL11 is the publishing arm announced earlier this year to release Rovio’s experimental projects.

“Rovio LVL11 are ‘the guys next door to the guys making Angry Birds’. We have at any given moment over 40 game prototypes in circulation, and some of them become a viral hit inside the company. RETRY was one of these, and it was the perfect candidate to be Rovio LVL11’s first release”, said Laes.

The RETRY soundtrack features a collection of songs inspired by 80s power anthems as well as Miami Vice aesthetics. The first single, Love Is Gonna Make Us Stronger (Theme from RETRY) by Ted Striker, is available to stream and download from Spotify, Deezer, iTunes and Google Play, with more to follow.

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