Queen and Angry Birds fans assemble: It's competition time!


Win a "Freddie Bird" tee shirt by sharing your best Freddie Mercury memory

The start of September saw our Angry Birds take the mantle of being "Freddie For A Day". In short, this meant that our beloved Yellow Bird had the privilege of dressing up as rock legend Freddie Mercury, all in the name of a good cause.

Awesome, right? We have a bunch of cool blue tee shirts to give away, featuring the "Freddie Bird" himself...

Our "Freddie Bird" tee, in collaboration with Freddie For A Day

We want to hear your favorite Freddie Mercury memories. All you have to do is tweet your thoughts to us with #freddiemercurymemories. You can really tweet anything: A tribute, a memory, a favorite song or performance. As long as it's in the spirit of remembering Freddie, then we're game! For those that don't use Twitter, you can also leave your entry in the blog comments below.Competition closes on Sunday September 23 at 12PM GMT. Entries will be judged and we'll pick 10 winners.

Want to buy a couple of shirts right now? Then head over to our store- a portion of the proceeds go to charity.

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