Piglantis competition!


Piglantis is here. We can talk about it. We can squawk about it. So... Let's celebrate with a competition!


We had a really tough time keeping quiet about Piglantis. These past couple of months you guys have been suggesting, requesting and just straight-up squawking for a water themed Angry Birds episode.

And now, we can talk about it: “WE KNOW!! WATER IS AWESOME AND SOAKING WET PIGGIES ARE JUST DOWNRIGHT HILARIOUS!!”Now that we have that out of our system, let’s celebrate.COMPETITION TIME!!

We’re giving away a very limited batch of Piglantis postcards. We’re going to be printing them especially for our winner, so you’ll be competeing for a completely exclusive prize.To win them, all you have to do is tweet a message for the back of a postcard with the #welcometopiglantis hashtag. The message can be anything that’s summer related: a statement, poem, picture, story... anything!Go!Competition ends after the weekend, on Monday June 18 at 12PM GMT, and one winner will be selected at random.

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