Own Your Superpower! Welcome to the very first Angry Birds Stella game.


Join Stella and her friends on an epic quest to recover Stella's stolen scrapbook and save Golden Island from Gale – the wicked Bad Princess – and her clueless pig minions.

Espoo, Finland — September 4th 2014 — Rovio Entertainment — The first Angry Birds Stella game is here! Join Stella and her friends Willow, Dahlia, Poppy, and Luca on a quest to reclaim Stella’s scrapbook and stop power-hungry Gale from destroying Golden Island with her obsessive hunt for the mysterious Golden Egg.

Angry Birds Stella brings tons of new twists to slingshot gameplay. There’s an all-new set of characters with kick-ass superpowers, a beautiful new setting on Golden Island, and a scrapbook where players can gather their achievements and unlock variations of the characters.

“Angry Birds Stella is going to be super fun for casual players, but will also challenge the most hardened Angry Birds veterans,” said Heini Kaihu, Head of Studio, Rovio Entertainment. “The story and the world of Angry Birds Stella was hugely inspirational when designing the game, and it provided loads of great elements for the gameplay. We took great care to reflect the characters’ personalities through their superpowers, all of which require skill and practice to master. In this game Stella’s superpower is parkour, so she can leap from surface to surface. Willow’s Vortex Spin smashes through the baddies and as for the rest – well, we don’t want to spoil the surprise!”

As a brand Angry Birds Stella features daring characters, a playful and offbeat attitude, and a great sense of humor – all while dealing with real-life issues like friendship, including the occasional fall outs,” said Blanca Juti, the CMO of Rovio Entertainment. “Each character has strengths and flaws, and they are not afraid to let them show!”

Fans can experience Angry Birds Stella in games, animations, books, comics, and a broad range of consumer products. Angry Birds Stella comes with its own lineup of Hasbro’s Telepods figures which can be used for standalone play, and can also be teleported into the game as playable characters.

Angry Birds Stella is free to play and is out now on Apple’s App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore, BlackBerry World and NOOK Apps all across the globe.

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Watch Stella and her friends perform their superpowers in the real world! http://youtu.be/xVIPDnkkQP8

Check out the gameplay trailer! http://youtu.be/xDADCXFdj5A

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