New Bad Piggies update, plus top five tips!


In honor of the new update: our top five tips for making the most of Bad Piggies!

First things first: There's a new update for Bad Piggies coming up! Check out 15 new levels, our biggest sandbox EVER, and a new nighttime theme. And make sure to get the most out of the new levels with our tips below!

Tip #1: Create several vehicles to collect all three stars

There are several objectives for each level, and you don't have to get all three at once. For example: you could create one vehicle for maximum speed, and another that collects all the boxes.

Tip #2: Tap objects to rotate them

Tap directly on objects to rotate them -- perfect for precise steering!

Tip #3: Use the mechanic pig if you're stuck on a tricky level

Can't figure out how to get past a tricky level? Use the mechanic pig to build a vehicle for you! But you still need to use your skill to steer it to the finish line -- and you might need to tweak it a bit to get all three stars.

Tip #4: - Unleash your creativity!

Picture courtesy of our fan Vladimir.

What's the craziest machine you can make? Bad Piggies is all about trying (and failing), and coming up with best vehicles ever! For the most creative and open-ended options, check out the sandboxes.

Tip #5: Play around in the sandbox

Use the sandbox as the ultimate place to experiment and create amazing machines. The more you play, the more objects you unlock to use in the sandbox. And the more objects you unlock, the more options you have -- until the possibilities are practically endless!

And make sure to check out "Field of Dreams" in the new update -- it's our biggest sandbox ever!

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